name: Michael Scholl / Mischosch,
    years: 30,
    living in: Berlin / Germany,
    being dev: since being born,
    doing dev business: since 2004,
    mac: evangelist, 
    mustache: must have,
    playing piano: since 1990,
    fingers: 9 1/2 (don't take it too seriously!)

There are a minimum of 20 different kinds of pressing a single piano key. If you look at the emotional part of using your finger to create some noise, a single tone, there are, perhaps, many many more. One fact I learned while having piano lessons for hours and hours: it's not only about the perfect technique, it's all about emotions. Or thoughts (step in with your own placeholder). Yes, you play notes written on paper, but you have to get into it, search between the five lines given for each hand. There is some basic information given on paper, it's your part to develop something out of it. 

Second fact I learned: I'm not bad at techniques, but I'm definitly better at developing something out of some basic structures. While playing piano I would call it "improvisation". Talking about computers and code, "development". With music you have notes, lines and some basic values, with code you get a ton of different notations and symbols. They both stay connected to math, but I'm definitly sure about both being arts. 

With turning development to my business, things happend, that I was expecting from getting professional with music. Being a web dev means, you have to know the techniques. You have to get comfortable with them and get to the point where you can produce "good music" (of course, full of emotion!). You have to practice. All the time, never ending. Keep on reading other code. And yes, business is business, you get used to it, but you have to find a way to deal with it. 

So, keeping the music part the personal (so called hobby) one is quite fine for me. Hating code is much more easier than hating music, at all. And coding 24 hours is much less pain than playing 4hours. And I definitly love being part of my generation, growing up in the transition from analog to digital. Doing web development in Berlin right now is quite awesome (you know, this word needs to exist in this text). A place full of great tech musicians and composers to connect with. 

And for sure: there are a bare mininum of 20 different kinds to "push" a key on your digital device. 
Hundreds, thousands, if you count in the emotional part.