Talk "App development with ZF2 - a real world problem example" at BEPHPUG

I gave a talk about app development with ZF2 at the Berlin PHP Usergroup (BEPHPUG).

Talk is about Zend Framework 2 development in general. But instead of using the generic "Album" example, that is popular in the ZF world, I choose to do the talk with examples out of my new project Secretary.

If you want to take a look, the slides are online at SpeakerDeck: 
App development with ZF2 - a real world problem example

Talk was a little bit long, would be better fit into a workshop like setting. Perhaps I should try to give this talk again at some PHP conference. 

Hope my talk, slides and provided material helps someone out there to get a better understatement of how things work in a ZF2 MVC App! 

Have fun learning & coding!

Created on 05.03.2013 at 23:15:40 h


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