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Zend did a survey about PHP developers listening to music while trying to be productive. Over 3000 developers responded in 48 hours. So they just summarized in a press release what they got out of the answers:

#1 most popular artist to code to: Metallica.  Runners-up: Pink Floyd and Linkin Park

#1 biggest ‘guilty pleasure’ artist: Lady Gaga (artists that coders only listen to with their headphones on).  Runners-up: Britney Spears and ABBA

#1 least popular artist: Justin Bieber.  Runners-up: Lady Gaga and Britney Spears (ironically, these least popular artists also topped the ‘guilty pleasure’ category).

(See for full article)

So, yeah, incredible. Now I know why so many people are scared about PHP coders. It has nothing to do with the PHP language. It's just about the music they have to hear, if they sit next to a PHP developer. I mean, it's just about the pictures you get while imagine people sitting in front of linux system and listening to, ok, let me call it music. Metallica - eeh - Pink Floyd and Linkin Park. There are GBs of music I would listen to while doing code work. There are a few GBs of music I would really like listen to while doing my work. But Metallica - I think code never drived me so crazy to need music like this. And about the picture I get imagining Metallica - it is about some huge guys with hairs all over the body looking dark and you never want to ask them something.

But wait, now you have to cross that picture with the next top ones: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. And of course: ABBA (to be fair, if I would have to choose one, ABBA might be the one). And now the picture should get weird. Really weird. 

I'm completly distracted by theese results. It's the first time asking myself to change my main coding language. Really. But to be sure I should first do the same survey for all different languages. Perhaps Ruby will show up to be full of German Schlager fans? And Python developers? Can it get more worse than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears?

Ah, it really hurts!

Where are all the music lovers out there? Jazz, electronic or classical music?

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