Secretary - A secure place for shared infos

I was working hard the last month to get out a first alpha version of my new sideproject: Secretary. Secretary was born out of a problem: handling credentials and sensitive data inside a group (at least two people). I was just tired of sending passwords by mail, I always felt bad with it. But I had no other solution in mind, that would offer a better and secure way of doing this.

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HTML5, CSS3, Fonts and the lovely Internet Explorer

So, I just finished a website using all the fancy new HTML5 and CSS3 stuff available in new browsers. It looks great in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It just works on Mac, Windows, Linux or Mobile Browsers (iPad,Iphone). Box shadows and css fonts in full action. It looks the same without having to introduce some Browser specific Hack. Great. So time to start the Internet Explorer game...

» read aheadCreated on 20.03.2012 at 02:55:13 h

My first Apple Support experience

Imagine, you solved every problem with a mac you had over years by yourself and the help of other mac users (talking about 15 years+). And there were quite a few problems I ran into. There was never a problem I couldn't find a solution by reading manuals, asking on mailing lists, using google and all that stuff I'm used to do, when I try to solve mac problems (that are not connected to the hardware part). At least, I got problems worked out or found a workaround without too much pain. But perhaps you have sometimes to get this: this will be my"first time experience". Yesterday was one of this moments, I called Apple Support for a problem, I did not get solved by myself.

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PHP music lovers

Zend did a survey about PHP developers listening to music while trying to be productive. Over 3000 developers responded in 48 hours. So they just summarized in a press release what they got out of the answers:

» read aheadCreated on 22.12.2011 at 02:34:20 h

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